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Welcome to Forward Thinking Property, as you’ve probably heard by now… we do things a little differently around here!

We are becoming a popular choice for landlords throughout the City of Coventry

As a company, we have exceptional rates of success and reliability, we pride ourselves on our top class communication with our landlords and investors, with our customers continuously telling us that we are the best property sourcing agent they have ever worked with. Our average review is 5 out 5 stars as landlords love what we do.

Whether you are looking for exclusive Below Market Value Deals (BMV), Rent-to-Rent (R2R), Rent-to-Service Accomodation (R2SA), HMOs or Buy Refurb, Remortgage and Rent (BRRR) deals we can help you.

You may be an investor who just wishes to be informed about the latest deals as and when they arrive. Join Our Investor List and you will be notified as soon as they come up.

Or you could be an investor looking for a turnkey solution. If you are looking for a service where you have a bespoke investment strategy generated and exclusive properties sourced matching your strategy, then why not join our VIP Service? Contact us today and one of the team will be in touch to get you started.

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Consistently securing deals offering 18%+ return on investment for our investors


We are a compliant property sourcing company. Registered with the Property Redress Scheme, Information Commission and more.


We endeavour to give you peace of mind when investing with us.


We specialise in HMOs, BMV and Lease Options.


We are always on hand to help. Be it before, during or after you have invested.


We are transparent and honest in all that we do. The deals we offer are always genuine.

Let’s Find You The Ideal Property Investment


We provide the finest shared houses for working professionals in Coventry, with a waiting list of up to 3 months.


I can’t recommend this service enough, they source the investments, refurbish and then let it, I couldn’t ask for more and they have all my rental properties now and they find me an average of 2 properties per year to buy and add to my portfolio around the City.
MR H – Oct 2014
Simply an exceptional service. My investment partner and I have used this company for three property purchases so far and we have not been left wanting, recommended.
MR F –Jan 2014
Neil and his staff really do provide the full package, they have found us a great investment property, renovated it for us adding £25,000 of equity and then they rented it from us for more than we were expecting too, I don’t know anyone else that can guarantee a 10% return and make us money with this low level of risk, very friendly, extremely professional and above all, trustworthy. MR &
MRS J –Nov 2014
Neil found me a great little investment flat that makes me £300 profit a month, and because his team renovated it too, I was able to remortgage £17,000 out and we are now going to use that money to buy another flat again this year to build my pension pot, thank you.
MRS V –Oct 2014
Before having a consultancy with this company my houses were under performing and 2 houses were losing me money, through this advice I sold 3 properties and used the money raised to buy 5 new properties just outside the City Centre over an 18 month period, they renovated the houses for me and then rented them from me through the Lettings company with no fees, so I now get a good return and I don’t need to pay any letting agent fees either which were cutting into my profit by a lot of money before.
MR U –Sep 2013
I’m not one for writing these things, so I’ll be brief. What I like about this service is that they don’t give you any waffle or talk, they are really good guys and they know they numbers like nothing I have ever seen before, you tell them you want 8% return, they will find you an 8% return, you say you want a 15% return, they will get you a 15% return, that’s why I like them.
MR M –Mar 2013
We have been investing in smaller flats and houses for about 15 years now as a couple, we wanted to expand once the recession was over so we bought our first flat in 4 years this August and want to purchase another 4-5 in 2015. In terms of the service, we have been very impressed so far, Neil sat down with us and found out exactly what we wanted, which we were really grateful for, because others have tried to push properties on us before that were not within our comfort zone, we like small units, but would never buy large properties and we feel listened to by Forward Thinking Property.
MS S & MS J –Nov 2014
I first met the owner of this company about 5 or 6 years ago and thought he lacked the experience to work with me, but after making 3 bad investments off my own back and seeing that he had helped another investor from my landlords group to gain even through the recession, I was really annoyed with myself. So I would say the same to others, Neil and his team really know what they are doing, the numbers and the amount of people who praise them so much don’t lie. I only wish it was easier to get investments from them now they are so popular! Overall, great guys and yes, I give them a strong testimonial, well done.
MS S –Nov 2014
Very professional, excellent local knowledge and fantastic at finding the right properties with the right return on equity and monthly income – highly recommended.
MS C –Mar 2013
Neil and the team have enabled me to expand my portfolio from 2 to 7 houses in the past couple of years, the ROI has also gone up from an average of 5% to 14%.
MR S –Nov 2014


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