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Are you looking for a way to park your money, offering a higher ROI than can be offered by the banks?

If so, then property investment may be the way for you. There is no such thing as a typical property investment. Investments can range from a fixed return % secured against a property, which is extremely low risk, to a high % ROI which will involve more risk on your behalf but a greater reward.

Our job is to find out what your requirements are, and source that exact property for you that meets your needs. Whether that be a one bedroom flat giving you a 7% ROI per year, to a larger HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) giving you up to 15% ROI. HMOs require far greater expertise and licensing requirements which we are known as the experts in both sourcing, refurbishing and managing for you offering you a far greater ROI on your investment. We already manage HMOs for many landlords from 4 bedrooms right up to really big HMOs!

On our Research Days, we take you through the full process of explaining the different types of property investments available to you. We cover everything from studio flats right up to larger HMOs and commercial premises. We also explain what to look for in a successful investment, taking you around the various areas within Coventry and different property types showing you the ‘exact’ areas where you will get the greatest returns with the lowest risks.

If this is of interest to you, please use our contact form to book yourself in for the next Research Day.

All Research Days are conducted by the Group Director, Neil Ward, and cost £395 (all inclusive) for the full day

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